Passion island is a favorite for Mayan weddings!

Between Rituals and Mayan ceremonies, Passion Island has become an ideal place for wedding celebrations, in keeping with the old concept that it is considered a sacred place lightened by fertility. Today, Passion Island attracts visitors of various nationalities who join their lives in marriage, both by the pre-Hispanic rituals and religious ceremonies since it also has a chapel. The Mayan ceremony is conducted by a shaman and can be framed in a pre-Hispanic environment where Ixchel and Chac Mool, the God of rain, are included in this type of ceremony which is growing in demand. As part of the integration to the Mayan cosmogony, these types of wedding banquets are prepared by world-class chefs and made with typical ingredients and succulent dishes of the region which makes them full of mysticism. Passion Island has received several recognitions through tourism in the Mexican romance category, so it is considered the best wedding destination in Mexico. Three distinct ecosystems, jungle, mangroves and coral reefs, frame Passion Island, a unique place, where nature is bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Traveling between mangroves and the rainforest is a unique experience, especially when it is accompanied by figures and expressions of the ancient Mayan warriors that emerge from the undergrowth between songs and dances of the pre-Hispanic era.


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